Modern scandinavian apartment

This open plan and modern scandinavian style small apartment located in Stockholm, Sweden charms with all its light and simple yet stylish design. If you are planning to move in to Sweden, the house is listed on Fantastic Frank.
Kitchen and living room are combined into one big space devided by a kitchen isle which also offers some valuable cooking space. It also works as a dining table.

The bedroom is twisted with a gold toned wallpaper with flowers. Point out that the wallpaper is not from floore to ceiling. Big windows take you outside to a small balcony.

Bathroom is very practical and thanks to white colors it's not dark at all, rather quite vivid and bright space, added with some wooden details.
Hallway offers just enough space for storing your clothes. Black floor gives nice contrast for all the white. Quite a nice apartment with just 63 square meters of space.


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