Warehouse turned into a loft office

This new reception desk area warmly welcomes the workers and customers to an open loft atmosphere. Armin Quilici of Vallaster Corl Architects was the project architect for this beautifully renovated warehouse that turned out an excellent office for the Joint Editorial.

Lots of natural light and open cozy space to make the best out of your day at work. The space in the center is left for public and serves as a "great room" offering all the necessary kitchen and dining functions you need at work.

It's open and full of light, also equipped with a nice corner sofa. The height of the room let's your mind breath instead of making you want to get out of it as soon as you've emptyn your lunch box.

The upper area is filled with private desktop areas. Big windows in the ceiling let all the natural light to shine in making your day a bit brighter.

Small private office rooms are not forgotten. These industrial twisted room are great for meetings. The interior style is very elegant, combining rough, natural materials with modern details. You can take a closer look at the project at Jessica Helgerson Interior Design website.

Kuvat jhinteriordesign.com

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  1. This is just great! I love the mix of hard concrete and wooden details!