Small scandinavian apartment in Helsinki

This white scandinavian apartment renovated by Helsinki Home Design is a great example of a small amount of square meters turned into a luxurious and vivid entity.

Warm wooden surfaces in the kitchen corner bring nice contrast to all that white used in the apartment. On the other hand, the versatile use of white with different textures don't make the place look too cold.

Spotlights in the ceiling take care of the main lighting. The kitchen is rather big which is only a good thing. The form of the kitchen table gives enough of cooking space as well as creates a small bar table corner to enjoy your lunch.

Loft bed is a wise choice for this apartment. It saves spaces and makes the whole place look a little higher. Also the dark brown steps and railing give nice contrast and increase the impression of height.

And of course there must be that sofa corner to take naps and relax with your loved one. Take a closer look at the apartment at Helsinki Home Design website.



  1. Oh, the kitchen is so beautiful.. wish my own apartment (24 sqm.) was transformed like this!

  2. OMG! So white!! I LOVE THIS! Especially the kitchen.