Villa Taiga by Honka log homes

Villa Taiga is a modern finnish cottage located near the city of Jyväskylä. It's designed by architect Carl Johan Mether for Honka. The simple color palette inside let's the surrounding nature to stand out, thanks to the big windows. In Finland all the four seasons of the year are so full of different colors that it's maybe one of the reason finns prefer simplicity in their interior design.

Glossy black and white materials mixed with natural logs creates an unique atmosphere and puts different eras together. Something old, something new but behind that all the nature remains the same.

Bedrooms are very vivid and you have a straight view out to the woods. You don't need an alarm clock in the morning, the warm sunlight wakes you up.
The cottage adapts to its environment perfectly. Wooden details in the summer and some white when it's winter and snow. A superb place to spend your weekends and holidays. Check out the Honka website for more.


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