Penthouse in Stockholm, Sweden

This loft style apartment in Stockholm, Sweden offers up to 100 sqm. of modern living space where you can enjoy luxurious living and spend some quality evenings with your friends. Totally contemporary and scandinavin styled apartment for even a more demanding taste.

The room is divided into different divisions that all represent their main functionalities. A cozy sofa corner and a bright open dining area with lots of light coming in from the big windows.

The form of the ceiling gives the apartment nice character and makes it possible to play more with the decorating. City lights glowing in the back and insets by the architecture together create a unique look.

Ultra modern kitchen with a combination of roster, white and glossy elements with a big terrace at the makes you smile widely. Bring in some colorful textiles and the kitchen becomes just perfect.

There's a low divider in the bedroom to position the bed. It works very well and brings some glamour not having the bed next to the wall as usual. Again, point out the big windows letting the natural light shine in. More about this apartment at Skeppsholmen -website. 


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