Compact swedish apartment

This modern and stylish apartment listed at ESNY is located in Malmö, Sweden. Compact dining area with a square table together with an open kitchen isle offer enough of space for a small family or a dinner with friends. White and black color theme has been refreshed with some green and lime details.

Kitchen cabinets are covered with milk glass that enhances the impression of open shelves. Rounded kitchen hood brings some modern touch and looks great.

Black furniture against the white floors and walls look very modern. Lime carpets together with small green plants positioned in the rooms warm up the space.

Warm and wooden colors are present in the bathroom as well. Different size and shape of tiles work fine. Same color in the mirror border and sink level binds the design of the space.
The bedroom is designed for adult taste. Soft beige colors and woods in the balcony seen on the background create a discreet atmosphere.


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